In Style!

Every great designer, maker or brand has a certain style and aesthetic that defines their look that makes them recognisable.

Just have a look at the powder coated stainless steel and white oak furniture from another Cape Town based furniture brand Pedersen and Lennard. You’ll often see their products out in the wild and immediately recognise them as their's. The design and look is very recognisable. Kipekee Studio and Vogel Design are others that have a look that's hard to miss.

So what Tiny Studio’s look and design aesthetic?

Tiny Studio has a few rules that we keep when design all our products.

  1. Simple is better.
    The honesty of the wood needs to shine through. The details of the design must not be forced or look busy or over complicated. It can be really tricky because it can end up looking over simplified and basic. But I try to take away as much as I can while still keeping the honesty of the design for all to see.

  2. Wood is the hero
    You will notice that most of the pieces I make will include knots and imperfections in the wood. For me the small  imperfections create the perfect piece. It becomes unique, beautiful and essentially a one of a kind piece. While I want the design to be consistent, I love that depending on the wood chosen, two pieces with the same design can still be very unique.

While I think every makers design’s change and evolves over time, the overall feel of their brand often becomes recognizable. There’s a thread connecting every piece. Tiny Studio’s designs vary from round and smooth, to square and linear, but I hope the overall feel stays the same.

When you take a look at all the products at Tiny Studio, I hope it comes across light, unobtrusive, fresh and clean. Like a breath of fresh air when you see it. The furniture and products must blend into the room adding to the overall feel and not take over.

I also want the pieces to have a tactile quality. I want you to enjoy how the wood feels and not just how it looks. If the wood feels like the actual wood and not the finish applied to it, then I think we're winning.

If you like what Tiny Studio is doing, please have a look at our collection here and if you have any questions please contact me at



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