As mentioned in the about page, Tiny Studio is run by just me, Gareth.

It’s a place for me to bring my ideas and products to life. A place for me to write and share my feelings about work and life. A place for me to create with the freedom that sometimes doesn’t come when you’re trying to “build a business” in the traditional sense.

I consider myself a maker and bringing products to life and making things for people brings me a lot of joy. Making a living from it would be the ultimate dream for me. Which is why Tiny Studio was born.

My goal is to have a range of small products, from digital apps to physical goods and a few things in-between. While I’ll design and create as many of these products as I can, but a lot will be outsourced to artisans who can bring my designs to life.

Having been part of the “online tech world” (is that even a thing?) over the last 7 years and having witnessed first hand the “growth at all costs” and “scale at all costs”, “profit comes first” mentality endorsed by most, made me realise its not a place for me. I want to do something different. Create a company that’s different or at least comes from a different place. Most of what I’m doing will be opposite to the common growth at all costs business advice.

Maybe things won’t work and I’ll need to go back to the drawing board but it’s my studio so I can go in any direction I like. Only time will tell.

So that’s Tiny Studio. What do you think, let me know. My newsletter will be sent every week. I hope you subscribe and follow along as I try to build what I hope is a unique and different business that inspires you to do the same and try a few new things.

Please, if you like what I’m trying to do, spread the news, I’ll need all the help I can get.

Great, see you next time and remember to be thoughtful and kind.



ps. you can follow me on twitter @gareth_more or Instagram @gareth.more or on the Tiny Studio Instagram account @tinystudioco

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