All about the wood!

Being a solid wood furniture brand I want to give some idea of the wood I use and why and what other materials I like to add into the pieces I make.

When I first started I offered a few more wood options, but I have cut it down to just 3 types of wood as a standard options for all our furniture.

There are two main reasons for going this way.

  1. Simpler for customers
    Too many choices, more often than not, become overwhelming. And if you’re not sure what you actually want, the choices become even more difficult to make. I want to strip away any confusion and give customers the simple options of a light and dark wood and the option of a more economical option, being the Ash. Simple, clear and easy.

  2. Simpler for me.
    Now keeping the options down to just 3 choices makes it infinitely simpler for me as well. To produce and have stock of the wood needed requires a lot of planning and organising. And having only 3 options makes my life a lot simpler. This means I can concentrate on the designs and the consistency of the quality of each individual piece I make. So really it's a win win.

Let's have a look at the 3 options a little more carefully:

European Ash -
This is a very blonde, light wood with wide and varying grain patterns. Similar to the American White Ash, however it is a lot more economical in price and a lot more colour variation. This adds beauty and the variety gives each piece a truly unique feel. Partnered with a white tinted oil, the results are the perfect beach house wood.

Ash Studio Desk
The Studio Desk in Euro Ash with a white-tinted oil.

White American Oak -
The classic furniture wood and by far the most popular of the woods we have on offer. With fine & minimal grain variations, paired with the natural oil, oak furniture is timeless, classic & modern all at the same time. Because the grain is a lot finer, the final finish will always have a more consistent look and feel.


Oak Iris Side Table with a natural clear oil finish

American Walnut -
The most luxurious of the woods I offer in my opinion. Walnut is easy to work with. Scrap that it’s, amazing to work with and the finish is silky and luxurious. For me, if you want dark wood, there’s nothing that beats Walnut. The grain is wide and varying and once oiled has a shiny chocolate colour that makes even the most mundane piece of furniture seem like it’s pure luxury.

Walnut Monitor Stand with natura clear oil finish

Now if you have a specific wood you really like and can't live without, just let me know and we will happily make any of our pieces in the wood of your choosing. No problem at all.

Maybe you want to match certain pieces you already have in your home which makes sense. So please let me know.

Some favourites so far are Blackwood, Beech, Iroko for outdoor use and if you are looking for a cheaper alternative for a darker wood Kiaat is great.

Studio Stool in Blackwood with natural clear oil finish

Other materials I use are different thicknesses of plywood and sometimes cork and leather. Both compliment the wood really nicely. Soon we'll be adding fabric to the list here as we’re looking into adding cushions for the benches, stool and chairs. So watch this space.

If you have any questions about the wood mentioned here or any other wood and material queries, please let me know at



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