Tiny studio was born out of the need for me to express myself creatively.

Having worked in the software industry (I founded a software product) for 7 years, I found myself needing a change not only in my everyday work, but in my lifestyle as well.

My grandfather was a carpenter his whole life and growing up around him and my dad who loves woodwork and is the ultimate handyman, it made sense that my interests gravitated towards designing and making furniture. I've been around wood and woodworking my whole life. Somehow it feels right.

Every piece is designed and made by myself. I put a lot of thought and care into every aspect of the furniture and I hope it will shine through in the quality, detail and design.

I write about business, life and whatever else is on my mind. You can go check out the newsletter here.

I hope my little studio and it's products inspire and motivate you to start a side project or little business like I have. Please feel free to email anytime at gareth@tinystudio.co if you have any questions or just want to say Hi.